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Royal Pains? Protesters planning #RoyalShutdown for Royal Family's Barclays visit

Susan Mullane-USA TODAY Sports

Prince William and Duchess Kate are planning on attending the Brooklyn Nets game versus the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday night, however, it won't be without a bit of controversy.

A group called "Gathering For Justice," one which is affiliated with musician and activist Harry Belafonte, is planning a protest before tonight's game called "Shut It Down" and "RoyalShutdown," according to the New York Post.

People quickly rallied around the planned protest and began spreading the message online.

"Yes, it’s cold. That doesn’t halt the fight for freedom. There’s strength in # s so join @NYjusticeleague tonite. Barclay’s #RoyalShutDown," tweeted @FeministaJones.

"It should be interesting to see if NYPD protects the royals as well as they did the Rockefeller tree lighting. #RoyalShutDown," wrote Kaycee Nightfire.

An event page titled "Barclay’s Stadium, SHUT IT DOWN" has surfaced on Facebook, where 147 people have RSVP’d.

The organizers are asking for protesters to shut down the streets around Barclays and the mall across the street, however, there are many who hope this protest does not go on as planned. Some on social media are asking whether or not this is a constructive use of time.

One writer, however, is happy that he was able to use "Royal Pains" in a headline.