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Barclays Center has outstanding environmental issues? Uh, maybe not

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Probably not the best time for a report that your arena has outstanding environmental issues ... at least one involving "hazardous waste."  The Prince and Duchess of Cambridge will be arriving in a few hours and you're pushing to have the Democratic National Convention choose you for their big convention in 2016.

Then again, maybe it's wrong!

According to the New York Post, Barclays Center "has been in 'significant violation' of federal Environmental Protection Agency standards for three years, according to the agency’s Web site. It also faces at least 23 open city Department of Buildings violations."

The arena is in "noncompliance’’ for issues involving its generators and "universal waste — small quantity handlers," reported Michael Gartland of the Post.  Those violations will cost the arena $7,500 in fines for the two "compliance orders’’ it has ignored, one of which involves "hazardous waste," says the EPA.

As for the city building code violations, they involve a $6,800 fire-prevention inspection fine issued last month and a $900 fine for a faulty elevator issued in April.  A spokesperson for the arena said "any issue is dealt with in an efficient and timely matter."

Oh, but wait, the Daily News reports that there are no outstanding issues, that the Post is wrong!!   It reports, "Prince William and Kate Middleton had nothing to fear at the Barclays Center Monday night, despite erroneous tabloid reports."

It added...

"The violations mentioned . . . appear to predate the Barclays Center’s new building permit," a Buildings Department rep said. The Post also said Barclays was in "noncompliance" with the federal Environmental Protection Agency for issues with its generators, but those issues were resolved in 2013, according to records.

Norman Oder, critic and chronicler of the arena and surrounding Atlantic Yards, recently renamed Pacific Park, did his own research and found the Garden does have such issues.  So there.