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With Cavaliers in town, more speculation about Andrei Kirilenko's future

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The Cavaliers arrival in Brooklyn is likely to lead to more speculation that Andrei Kirilenko could be headed to Cleveland and a reunion with his Team Russia coach, but how likely is that?

Andrei Kirilenko wasn't at practice Sunday.  According to the Nets, he was excused for personal reasons  As has been reported, his wife Masha is pregnant with their third child. Moreover, the Nets are trying to trade him.

Speculation about his future continues both in the US and Russia. AK-47 describes Blatt as "a member of the family practically." Blatt describes his former player as "the greatest Russian basketball player of all time," adding, "I very much support him." Blatt won't comment on trade rumors.

In a preview of Monday's game between the Nets and Cavs, Sam Amico of FOX Sports Ohio, writes, "The Cavs supposedly were interested, but it doesn't sound like it got very far."

But in Russia, Pavel Osipov of Sport-Express, who's close to Kirilenko, breaks down possible landing spots for the Nets forward and calls a trade to Cleveland "the ideal solution."  He even suggests that Cleveland would be willing to give up Dion Waiters, the talented but polarizing guard who's had a rough time adjusting to the new-look Cavs.

How likely is it that the Cavs are going to give up on Waiters this early in his career?  It's possible but not at all likely.  By all accounts, it's more speculation. Marc Stein reports Monday that Waiters could be had but only for a defensively oriented center. Osipov also seems to think the Clippers may be willing to part with Reggie Bullock, who's not playing much under Doc Rivers.

Still, it appears nothing is imminent, nothing that would change Adrian Wojnarowski's assessment of two weeks ago that the Nets may have to hang on to AK-47 until the trade deadline in mid-February.  As for the persistent rumor that the Jazz and Nets are talking about a deal, league sources strongly deny there's been any discussions.