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Pass The Mic: How good are the Brooklyn Nets?

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports
Okay, it's that time again for Pass The Mic, a NetsDaily video exclusive that gives you, the fans, the spotlight!

Below are a few questions for you to answer, but please, keep each answer to a question under a minute for it to have a better shot of being included. Remember, TURN YOUR PHONE TO LANDSCAPE MODE! Just had to be said. Now, the questions:

1) After a little over a month's worth of games, what has surprised you the most about the Nets, good or bad?

2) Is Deron Williams back to being the D-Will we all know and love, and more importantly, want?

3) Give a grade for the job head coach Lionel Hollins is doing thus far.

4) As a converted Knicks fan (yeah, I was all about Patrick Ewing, even Gerald Wilkins, back in the day; when Ewing left, so did I) and Jeffrey Gamblero being the same, how do you feel about Knicks fans that have switched allegiances? Does WHEN a Nets fan decides to masochistically become one a factor?

Here's a link to Volume 1, so you can have a look at what this turns into.

Answer any or all! Send your video via (it's free!) to Last day to submit will be on Wednesday, December 10th.

Oh yeah... Brooklyn Brigade, you all better come through!