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Kirilenko-to-Utah rumor back ... but league sources say not happening

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Jody Genessy, Jazz beat writer for the Deseret News is quoting a "source" Saturday that it's ""very possible" that Andrei Kirilenko could be dealt to Utah for Jeremy Evans and Toure' Murry, both seldom used bench players.  However,  league sources familiar with Kirilenko's situation shot the rumor down. Its the second time the rumor has arisen and second time it's been shot down.

Marc Stein first reported the rumored deal on November 24 as an "intriguing option" for the Nets, but insiders said neither the Nets nor his agent had spoken to the Jazz.  Such a trade would be ideal for Kirilenko who played eight years in Utah and still has a home there, which he frequently visits in the off-season. The Nets, on the other hand, hope and expect to get more for Kirilenko. Adrian Wojnarowski identified the Clippers and Cavaliers as two possible suitors but did not discuss who either team might give up.

Kirilenko took a short leave of absence to attend to "family matter" three weeks ago, then returned to practice Monday. Kirilenko's wife is pregnant. In the three games since his return to practice, Kirilenko has been inactive. Kirilenko revealed to a Russian sports site that Lionel Hollins has told him he doesn't see the 33 year old forward as part of the team plans and the Nets have sought to deal him.

Many pundits believe Kirilenko won't be dealt until at least December 15, 10 days from now, when rookies and free agents can be traded.