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Mr. Whammy: MSG threw Gamblero out because Knicks are losers

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Jeffrey Gamblero wasn't at Barclays Center Wednesday, wasn't cheering on his Nets.  One day after being carried out of Madison Square Garden (and dropped in the process), the Nets neon superfan was still recovering.  Other Nets fans filled the gap, and that included Mr. Whammy who had some choice comments for the Knicks ownership.

Bruce Reznick is Mr. Whammy ... and a New York lawyer.  So he knows something about the law and being a fan.  Mitch Abramson on the Daily News spoke with him just before the Spurs game.

"I think what’s happening is that it’s utter frustration on the Knicks’ part," said Reznick, aka Whammy. "And that’s very sad."

As the Knicks sink lower in the standings, now just two games ahead of the one-win 76ers in the loss column, Reznick says the frustration grows.

"My reaction is that it was a horrible event," Reznick told The News. "He normally dances and gestures for the Nets, and if they can’t understand a fan at Madison Square Garden, then I pity the fans at Madison Square Garden."