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Chris Mannix: Brook Lopez most likely to be traded

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Mannix, in speaking with SI Now, says that while all the Nets' Big Three are overpaid and under-performing, the player most likely to be dealt is Brook Lopez, not Deron Williams or Joe Johnson...

I think Lopez though, he may be the most likely to go.  His number is a little bit lower than the others and centers in this league are so hard to come by.  Lopez has had his issues this year. He's not rebounding well.  He hasnt been the same offensive player he was the last couple of years under Lionel Hollins.  But he is someone who I think, in his mid 20's, that could be attractive to teams and that might be the most likely guy they could trade

Mannix did not say what teams the Nets might be talking with, or who (or what) they would get in return for the Nets' 26-year-old seven-footer, and in fact other than some buzz that the Cavaliers might be interested in Brook or his brother Robin Lopez, there's been nothing else.