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Wait! Do we really need to shake things, break things up?

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Andy Vasquez, the Record's beat writer, goes against the grain of the last couple of weeks and suggests that the Nets might be better off waiting a while before cleaning house at Barclays Center.

Vasquez argues that this is around the time the Nets come together. In fact, on Christmas Day in 2012, they were 14-13 and last year they were a miserable 9-19.  In both cases, they were a week away from a turnaround.  From New Years  through Martin Luther King Day, the Nets went 7-0 in 2012 and 6-1 in 2013 -- on their way to playoff berths, the fourth seed in 2012, the sixth in 2013.

Calling word that the Nets are shopping their Big Three " the least surprising "breaking" news involving the Nets in years," Vasquez wonders if the Nets and their fans could use a little patience. Billy King is making calls, he notes, but asks is that really necessary?

Right now, the best move is to hang up before those calls become trades.

Take a look at the present situation. The Nets finally are showing signs of playing better basketball. Early-season question marks about effort have disappeared. They appear to be buying into coach Lionel Hollins style and grasping his system.

Mason Plumlee is beginning to flourish as a dynamic big man who allows the Nets to play at an athletic level they haven’t seen since arriving in Brooklyn.

As for the struggles of Brook Lopez and Deron Williams, Vasquez says they could turn around as well. So wait and see.

"See if Lopez can play a more team-friendly brand of basketball. See if Williams regains his explosive form — remember how quickly it happened at the end of 2012?" he argues. "Sit back and find out if this team really has turned the corner, then make the right moves to make it better."

After all, it was no less of an authority than Gregg Popovich who said after the Nets beat his Spurs (albeit their only victory over a winning team): "As the year goes on, Brooklyn is going to be a monster."