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Darius Morris has some words for the doubters

Brooklyn's newest Net wants to prove to his former teams that they made a big mistake by letting him go.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

When the Nets signed Darius Morris to a non-guaranteed contract on December 11th, it seemed as if Brooklyn had acquired another trade asset.  After getting extended minutes due to the Deron Williams injury, Morris is making a claim to remain in Brooklyn.

In the past two games against the Detroit Pistons and Denver Nuggets, Morris has played 11 minutes in each game, and has impressed.  Against Detroit on Sunday, he scored six points, had one steal and recorded two assists, one on an alley-oop to Mason Plumlee that was shown over and over again on Sports Center the next day.

On Tuesday, he scored four points and recorded two assists against Denver.  Not mind-blowing stats, but Morris has played well in his role.  After Tuesday's game, he sent a message to the Twitterverse in the early hours of  Christmas Eve: Curiously, he later deleted it, but no doubt didn't delete the sentiment behind it.

Certainly a message to his previous teams (Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers, Philadelphia 76ers and Memphis Grizzlies), Morris seems intent on sticking around in Brooklyn, and sticking it to his former employers.  Morris may be especially miffed by the Lakers, a team he played well for, specifically during the 2012-13 playoffs.  He averaged 10.5 PPG and 3.0 APG during the first round against the San Antonio Spurs and in Game 3, Morris dropped 24 points on 9-15 shooting and added six assists.  Here are some highlights from that game:

Admittedly, Morris doesn't have a full grasp on the playbook and his time with the Nets has been a baptism by fire.  He told The Record, "I just wanted to try to make the most of whatever minutes I got... I'm learning on the fly out there."

With Williams' return to the floor imminent, Morris' minutes may become few and far between.  However, if Lionel Hollins' treatment of Brook Lopez means anything, Williams will be slowly integrated back into the rotation, so Morris may have a few more opportunities to show what's he's got and to prove the haters wrong.