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No Mason Plumlee, No Deron Williams in Nets-King trade

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Wojnarowski updates his report --and those of ESPN's Chris Broussard and Mike Mazzeo--  writing that a phone call on Wednesday failed to produce any agreement and the proposed deal is now on "hiatus."  The impediment? The Kings' insistence that Mason Plumlee be included in the deal, something the Nets have said they will not agree to.

Woj writes...

After the teams' front office officials again talked on Wednesday, both sides insisted they weren't budging on Plumlee's inclusion into a proposed trade and agreed there was no use discussing the deal further in the near future, league sources said.

"Talks aren't dead, but nothing's going to happen with Plumlee involved," a league source told Yahoo Sports.

Under one scenario, the Nets would send Deron Williams and possibly another player to the Kings for Darren Colison, Derrick Williams, Jason Thompson and possibly Nik Stauskas.

Even if the Nets had considered sending Plumlee out --and they have consistent in saying they will not-- Plumlee's latest streak of solid, even spectacular outings has made the idea of including the 24-year-old impossible.  The Kings would be taking on D-Will's $63.1 million over three years, including this one. On the other hand, the Nets would be taking on $34 million in salary from Collison, Williams and Thompson's deals, and another $5.6 million guaranteed if Stauskas was included.

The Nets simply do not want to give up any of their younger players to dump Williams.

Although there have been multiple reports that the Nets are marketing Williams, Brook Lopez and possibly Joe Johnson, league sources insist to NetsDaily that there won't be a fire sale and that they may not trade any of the three.

Meanwhile, at Modell's across from Barclays Center ...