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Trade talks between the Nets and Kings are "dead," says Chris Broussard ... or are they?

Danny La-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Broussard tweeted early Tuesday that the proposed deal between the Kings and Nets, which would have sent Deron Williams to Sacramento, is "virtually dead."  Then, later, he sublty toned down the language and left some wiggle room that things could still happen.

First, his tweet...

However, in his ESPN story, Broussard offered some hope the talks could be revived, perhaps in a different form. In fact, in his story, he wrote the talks had "cooled" and "slowed," without ever using the words, "virtually dead," as he did in his tweet. They are "not completely dead."

While talks have slowed, a potential deal for Williams is not completely dead, according to sources. Sacramento was interested in acquiring Rajon Rondo, who was recently traded from Boston to Dallas, so it could remain in the market for a point guard.

One source said he expects talks between the two clubs to continue until the trade deadline in February.

The deal reportedly would send  Williams and possibly another player to Sacramento for Darren Collison, Derrick Williams, Jason Thompson and possibly Nik Stauskas. Adrian Wojnarowski, who first reported the talks, also wrote the Kings insisted on Plumlee, who has been reportedly recommended to their front office by DeMarcus Cousins.  Cousins and Plumlee became friends during the FIBA World Cup. League sources said the Nets would not include the 7-footer.

When Woj first reported the talks, Woj said no deal was imminent. League sources confirmed its basic outline, including Stauskas, to NetsDaily and Nets beat writers.The Nets are believed to be very active in trade talks, with reports that D-Will, Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson are all available for the right price.