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Amico: Cavaliers have "interest" in Brook Lopez but salary makes a deal unlikely

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Amico of FOX Sports Ohio reports Monday on the Cavaliers pursuit of a big man and says the Cavaliers are interested in both Brook Lopez and his brother, who's out with a broken hand.

League sources say the Cavs have an interest in both Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez (clearly on the market) and Portland Trail Blazers center Robin Lopez (Brook's twin brother). But salaries would make any sort of move involving the Cavs and either Lopez brother unlikely.

Amico handicapped the Cavs interest in a number of bigs. Beyond the Lopez brothers, he noted that the Cavs have interest in Kosta Koufos of Memphis, Timofey Mozgov of Denver and free agent Jermaine O'Neal. The FOX Sports writer didn't mention any possible trade bait for a Lopez deal, but noted that despite reports, the Cavaliers are not marketing Dion Waiters. Lopez makes $15.7 million this season and has a player option for $16.7 million this summer.