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NBA Inside Stuff cameras followed Jarrett Jack on graduation day

When Jarrett Jack made his way from Brooklyn last Friday to Atlanta for Saturday's Georgia Tech graduation ceremony, NBA Inside Stuff was there, from dawn at the Jack household to his arrival at the Time Warner Arena in Charlotte that night.

Jack explained to Inside Stuff on Saturday that getting those final credits weren't easy.

"It was a little difficult getting back in the student mode," he said. "I was already in the final 36 hours of my degree. So I physically had to be in the classroom to take every single class.  I couldn't do any online or have a take-home package or anything like that.

"So only was it important for me going back for my education. It was something I promised my parents and that was the thing that kept me going. Even at times when I struggled through some things, I just tried to persevere and stick through it."

Once in the robes, Jack admitted to "some tingling going on," and when his name was announced in the same great hall where he had played for the the Yellow Jack, his family cheered loudest ... and his mother cried softest.