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Watch: Brooklyn Nets pay tribute to Jeffrey Gamblero with video and moment of silence

Before the start of the Brooklyn Nets matchup with the Miami Heat, the Nets paid tribute to superfan Jeffrey Gamblero who this weekend had passed away.

It was part of an organization-wide tribute. Nets players wore warm-up shirts with "Gamblero" and "44" in various neon colors. The High Five of Brooklyn children wore their own, as did the staff, the Brooklynettes and even Bruce Ratner. His family and Kristi Evans, his family, sat at mid-court. All of it only four days since he last danced at the arena and only two since he died in a Queens hospital after a fall at his father's home.

Gamblero, 38, attended most all of the Nets home games, dancing in his famed-neon outfit. The Nets wore neon-numbered warmup jerseys with Gamberlo's name on the back of them prior to the start of the game. Fans also paid tribute to Gamblero by wearing neon colored articles of clothing, as did some of the Nets in-game entertainment staff.

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Video by Dexter Henry.