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Lionel Hollins puts his best plays on a new coaching app

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

If any Nets player needs a refresher on Lionel Hollins' playbook ... or if Erik Spoelstra does, there's a new app for that.

Sports Business Journal reports that plays designed by Hollins and Suns coach Jeff Hornacek are featured on a new app call CoachBase. a new digital sports app that contains basketball plays and drills for iOS, Android and the Web.

SBJ reports that part of an endorsement deal with CoachBase, Hollins and Hornacek provided plays and drills run by the Nets and Suns.SBJ's Liz Mullen notes both coaches will receive cash and an equity stake in the company as part of the agreement, quoting Spencer Breecker, managing partner of Kauffman Sports Management, who negotiated the deal for the two. Kauffman is both coaches' agent.

"You can go to a library and buy a book on drills and plays or buy a DVD with drills and plays, but this is the first time you will see an NBA head coach provide their plays and drills on an app," Breecker told Mullen.

The app is free, but it costs $9.99 to download a 20 pack of drills or plays from Hollins or Hornacek. They became available for sale this month. Even Cory Jefferson can afford that!