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When Kevin Garnett talks trash, it's hard not to listen

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Andy Vasquez writes about the art of trash-talking and no surprise, the artist known as KG is at the top of the list.  While Kevin Garnett's sometimes bawdy, often personal on-court stream of consciousness is well known, his teammates say there are aspects of it that many don't know about.

Like timing.

"To remind me what you just did is not impressive," Mason Plumlee said. "To tell me what you're going to do and then do it? That's impressive."

And new material. And volume.

"It's consistent," Plumlee told Vasquez. "And he keeps it fresh, too. He might not say the same things. I'm hearing fresh stuff and it's year two. Fresh material makes a good [smack] talker. Consistency. And then volume. His volume is as good as anyone I've ever heard."

And yeah, he doesn't use it just in games. He uses it in practice, in the locker room, on the plane.

"We have one of the best in our locker room," Deron Williams said of Garnett. "Hands down. He's always been like that. … It starts before practice even starts, he can be in somebody's head."

KG fakes outrage when accused.

"Me?" Garnett said. "You just hear stories about me talking trash, you never have living proof that I talk trash."

Carmelo Anthony does.