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Lance Stephenson wants to play for the Nets ... one day

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Brooklyn-born Lance Stephenson wants to play for his hometown Netsaccording to RealGM. Well, not just anytime soon.

RealGM is reporting that Stephenson is not opposed to playing in Brooklyn, but first he wants to play out his contract with the Charlotte Hornets. Stephenson is in the first year of a contract that pays him $9 million this season, next season and allows the Hornets to pick up a $9.4 million option in 2016.

The report notes:

As a native of Brooklyn, New York, Stephenson attended Lincoln High School in Coney Island. Privately, Stephenson, 24, has unconditional affection for the city and hopes to play for the Nets in the borough at some point in his career.

Last season, Stephenson spoke with NetsDaily's Dexter Henry. He told Dexter that he loves Brooklyn, but wasn't quite ready to commit to playing here. At least not as a player who was currently under contract with Indiana and heading into free agency.

The Nets traded Andrei Kirilenko on Thursday afternoon and have been said to be having conversations about other possible moves.