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What are the Nets getting in Brandon Davies?

With the Kirilenko deal finalized, the Nets will look and see what Davies can provide to the team.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

In not so startling news, the Nets sent Andrei Kirilenko and future picks to the Philadelphia 76ers for a $3.3 million trade exception and power forward Brandon Davies.  Davies is signed to a $816,000 non-guaranteed contract, making him a potential trade asset.  According to Stefan Bondy and Tim Bontemps, Davies will not be immediately cut and will get a chance to showcase his abilities.  The Nets have until January 10 to cut him before his contract becomes guaranteed.

Since it seems like the Nets will hold onto Davies for a little while, let's take a look at his player profile.

Playing in his second season, Davies has averaged 6.3 PPG and 3.7 RPG this year for Philadelphia.  He has started six games and is averaging 19.0 MPG.  His best game came against the Orlando Magic on November 5 where he scored 20 points on 9-of-11 shooting and grabbed four rebounds.

A BYU product, Davies was a valuable contributor during his junior and senior seasons, he averaged 17.7 PPG and 8.0 RPG during his senior year, alongside sharp-shooter Jimmer Fredette.

Davies got national attention his senior year, when he was suspended from the Cougars for what the Daily News described as the most personal of fouls: He had sex with his girlfriend, breaking the Mormon's school's honor code.

Davies, then 19, admitted to the school that he violated the school's ban on premarital sex and was described as "remorseful."

After going undrafted in the 2013 NBA Draft, Davies was eventually signed by Philadelphia in October of that year.

Standing at 6'10" and possessing a 7'2" wingspan, Davies has the size and length of a true power forward.  Davies has decent post skills and is at his best when he plays with his back to the basket.  Here are some highlights from his game against Orlando that exemplify his post play and even a hint at a proficient outside game:

Davies' biggest deficiency is his defense.  He has trouble guarding big men in the paint due to his lack of strength and his below-average lateral quickness makes him a liability defending the pick-and-roll and outside-orientated big men.  He's also slow and his athleticism is mediocre at best, with a max vertical of only 26", a foot less than Cory Jefferson, according to Draft Express.  The Nets don't exactly need another slow, unathletic player.

Getting down to brass tacks, Davies is an undrafted big man from BYU with big holes in his game.  One can argue the only reason why he's seen so much playing time is because he played for one of the worst teams the NBA has ever seen.  In all likelihood, the Nets view Davies as a trade-friendly contract and are already making plans for his departure.  But the Nets have found diamonds in the rough before, (looking at you, Jerome Jordan) and with Brooklyn's big men struggling with inconsistent play and injuries, it's worth paying attention to Davies for the time being.

Sixers coach Brett Brown said he upset by the trade because it harmed team chemistry and because of the improvements Davies had made.

"He is a role player, but we saw him grow his perimeter game," Brown said. "We saw him make some turn-and-face jump shots. He always played with that reckless abandon. He is one of those low-maintenance guys that teams look for who want to have high-character, solid people at the 15, 14, 13 roster spots. I think his better days are ahead of him because he improved with us."