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Nets trade Kirilenko, picks to 76ers for Brandon Davies

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

At the end of the first half of the Nets game against the Bulls Wednesday, Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Nets have finalized a deal with the Philadelphia 76ers featuring Andrei Kirilenko and future picks. The Nets will also receive Brandon Davies, a 6'10" power forward, a $3.4 million and $916,000 trade exception.

Here's the details, as first tweeted by Woj...

Jorge Gutierrez became the "minor player."  The Nets also sent $1 million to Philly to sweeten the deal.

Kirilenko is sure to be waived by Philly, as previously reported. Kirilenko would be free to pursue another contract if he is indeed waived. The Nets have purchased six second rounders in the last four years and traded or swapped an equal number.

Stefan Bondy  and Tim Bontemps report that Davies will remain on the Nets roster, considering he has a nonguaranteed deal which valued at $816,000, could be a useful trade piece. Davies, who had a stretch of 18, 20 and 13 points early in the season, will have his contract guaranteed if not cut by January 10.

The TE, like the non-guaranteed contract, could aid the team in a larger deal later in the season. If the Nets waive Davies, they will have 13 players on the roster.  And even if they keep him, the roster would seem unbalanced with only two traditional point guards in D-Will and Jarrett Jack.

Bondy also reported that the Nets could sign a "free agent wing player" after the roster spot opened up, in addition to potentially keeping Davies.

Davies is an undrafted free agent who went to BYU up until 2013. He's been with the Sixers for two years, and at 6'10" he could give the Nets some depth off the bench in spot minutes. The question is whether he stays or goes.