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Could Andrei Kirilenko return to the Nets rotation? Billy King won't rule it out

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Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

As NetsDaily noted earlier in the day, Andrei Kirilenko returned to practice today after having left the team to attend to a "family matter" some 10 days ago. Kirilenko, prior to his leave, had fallen out of head coach Lionel Hollins' rotation, and while speculation began to fly that a trade was imminent, it now seems as if there's an open door for Kirilenko to not only return to the team but to work his way back into the rotation.

Of course there is some belief that a trade is inevitable, as Hollins really hasn't endorsed the idea of Kirilenko fitting into his system.

Again, nothing is imminent, but Kirilenko has returned to practice and we'll see on Tuesday night when the Nets take on the Knicks whether or not he'll find his way back into the rotation.

Left unsaid is why the change. Hollins had said he didn't expect AK-47 to return.  Kirilenko --and his wife-- have long term friendships with most of the Russian ownership, starting with Mikhail Prokhorov.  Kirilenko was among the people he consulted before buying the Nets. The two contribute to each other's charities and at one point in 2007, Prokhorov reportedly approached the Jazz about buying out Kirilenko's contract so he could join Prokhorov's CSKA Moscow.  CSKA's GM at the time was Sergey Kushchenko, now a member of the Nets board of directors.

In other practice-related news, here are a few other interesting quotes from GM Billy King. Nothing earth-shattering, as King was not interested in responding to Jason Kidd's comments about the team wanting to fire him last December. He also spoke about the expectations for Brook Lopez and the Core 3 as a whole.

The Nets play in New York on Tuesday and then again on Wednesday, at home, against the Spurs.