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Bojan Bogdanovic starting to show promise, fifth in rookie scoring

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Friday night was probably Bojan Bogdanovic's best overall game as a Net.  As Lionel Hollins continues to start him alongside Deron Williams and Joe Johnson, the 6'8" Croatian continues to reward him in increasingly visible ways.  Against the Knicks, he scored only eight points in 32 minutes, his most minutes yet, but Bogdanovic showed off his skills and BBIQ.

Midway through the first quarter, he drilled back-to-back three's from the wing, which is what he is paid to do, but he also did a number of little things.  On a scramble for a loose ball, he was smart enough to time his deflection so the ball was last touched by a Knick and in perhaps the prettiest moment of the game, was in the middle of a ball-snapping pass around the horn that went from Mason Plumlee out to Kevin Garnett, then to Williams to Johnson in the corner for a three.  He also showed off his low post game.

So far, his shooting numbers haven't been that great, but he's only had one atrocious shooting night, vs. the Pistons in the Nets win, shooting 1-of-7 overall and 0-of-4 from deep. Take away those numbers and he's 46 percent overall and 35 percent from deep.

Moreover, he's now fifth in rookie scoring at 7.6 points per game, ahead of the two other Euro-rookies, Nikola Mirotic of the Bulls (4.7) and Kostas Papanikolaou of the Rockets (5.0), both of whom are coming off the bench.  And both of whom make more than a million dollars more a year.

Worth the three-year wait?  Seems that way.