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Deron Williams is regaining his confidence, his rhythm and, most importantly, his health

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Deron Williams scored 29 points on 10-of-15 shooting in just under 33 minutes on Friday night, as the Brooklyn Nets ran away with a 110-95 victory over the New York Knicks at the Barclays Center. It was Williams' best game of the season and an important one not only for himself, but for Nets fans to digest, as he continues to try and "prove" to fans that he's getting back to being the old D-Will, coming off of multiple ankle surgeries in the offseason.

Williams spoke to the media after the game about his health and how he's regaining much of his confidence in ankles. On Friday night you could see that confidence grow as he attacked the basket, took his defender off the dribble on a number of occasions and wasn't afraid to take the hit that was waiting for him in the paint.

The Nets continue their four-game home-stand on Sunday against the Orlando Magic.

Video produced and edited by Dexter Henry.