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Carmelo Anthony does NOT get away with THAT hat

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Call it the "Millinery Mistake."  Hats may be back, but as Matt Dollinger of Sports Illustrated and many others tweeted early Saturday morning, not THAT hat, after THAT loss. Carmelo Anthony's vaunted fashion choice did not work this time, particularly after what just happened at Barclays Center.

Variously described on Twitter as being make of Knickstape, a birthday cake (minus the candles) and an historic tribute to an earlier, happier time (Oh, like, say, 1867?), the hat became a topic of discussion and derision after the Knicks' loss and painful performance by its superstar. Dollinger thought he saw some classic misdirection by the Knicks.

Well, it did not work!  Then, again, Melo has always been someone comfortable in his own fashion sense. Better luck next time.