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Paul Pierce: I never put Boston behind me

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Mike Ehrmann

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Paul Pierce says that his year in Brooklyn was an emotional "roller-coaster" after being traded from Boston and that each time he played in TD Garden, feelings of loss would come rushing back at him.

"It was," he answered when asked if the transition from Boston to Brooklyn was more difficult than he expected. "I thought after a few weeks I would be all right. Then all those feelings resurfaced when I went back to play there, then they come back again when I went back to play again. It was tough to even play in that building. Every time you thought you put it behind you, it kept resurfacing. It was hard."

The Nets split those two games, but Pierce played poorly in both.

There were regrets along the way, he added.

"I had a lot of thoughts like, ‘Shoot, I could have just stayed in Boston.’ [The Celtics] were going through some of the same things we were going through in Brooklyn," he added. "The key was to stay positive. Times change, you have to move on, and that is what I eventually did."

Of course, the Celtics wanted to trade Pierce who was owed $15.3 million last season.  In fact, Nets sources have said that Pierce had decided that if he was to be traded, the Nets would present his best option.