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Deron Williams on Tim Walsh: “He’s the best”

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Brooklyn Nets

The Nets are an older team, the roster is the NBA's seventh oldest. Its starting lineup probably among the top three.

So having a trainer who knows the team, their bodies, psyches and all the tricks of the training trade is a big deal.  Last year, of course, was a particular challenge with one player, Brook Lopez, out of the season, and others, like Andrei Kirilenko, Deron Williams and Kevin Garnett missing significant time.  He must have doing something right: Before Wednesday's game, Walsh was named the NBA's trainer of the year.

"He’s the best," Williams told Alex Raskin. "He’s been doing it a long time. He’s good at his job, he loves his job and it carries over."  How long? 15 years with the Nets alone.

Although the Nets didn't make Walsh available for the Raskin story, a lot of the Nets players were happy to oblige with stories of how Walsh has helped and how he goes about his job.

One trick involves subtly evaluating a player’s running motion when he’s returning from an injury, writes Raskin. "He’s always sneaking behind you watching the way you run, the way you move," said Mirza Teletovic. "If he doesn’t see it’s right, you’re going back in."

And going back in --or staying out-- is Walsh's decision.  The simple answer for all injury-related calls, Raskin writes, "That’s up to Timmy."