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In first rookie rankings, Bojan Bogdanovic is seventh

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Alex Goodlett

At halftime Wednesday, 2014's overall No. 1 pick Andrew Wiggins and 2011's 31st pick Bojan Bogdanovic both had nine points.  At that point, Bogdanovic, who's six years older than Wiggins, was showing a more polished game, Wiggins a more exciting one.  By game's end, the tally was Wiggins 17 and a win; Bogdanovic nine and a loss.  The difference apparently had something to do with the Croatian star's defense.

Still, in the first rookie rankings of the season, the Nets pick was ranked seventh, largely on the basis of his starting, says Scott Howard-Cooper.

The 31st pick in 2011 started each of the first games, a nice platform, but shot 39.1 percent and scored more than seven points once. The experience of playing in Europe and being 25 years old is not showing. Bogdanovic is admitting the transition to the NBA has been harder than he expected.

Bogdanovic has shown the BBIQ everyone credits him with, but last night, Kevin Martin manhandled him, finishing with 26 points and seven rebounds. Offensively, Bogdanovic had his moments, a wide open three from the corner and a nice putback after a boxout. But overall, he was 3-of-8 and 1-of-4. Nerlens Noel leads the rookie rankings, playing well for Philadelphia.