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Flip Saunders remembers finding out about Kevin Garnett

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Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Remember the NBA commercial from 2008 where Celtics fans were shown gong crazy as they learned their team had acquired Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen?  Set to the music of Badfinger's "Day after Day," the commercial's theme was the song's most memorable line, "I remember finding out about you."

Well long before Celtics fans got excited about KG, Flip Saunders remembers finding out about the future Hall of Famer. It was back in 1995 when he and Kevin McHale, both with the Timberwolves, first scouted Garnett.

"Just how hard he played," Saunders said when asked what set Garnett apart in that pre-draft workout that changed the Timberwolves' franchise. "At 6-foot, 13 inches – because he never wanted to be a 7-footer – at 6-foot-13, just how he shot the ball and how he handled the ball. If you were like 100 yards away and watched him play, you thought you were watching a 6-3 guard play, not a guy who is 6-foot-13."

Garnett is having a bit of a resurgence this year.  He may have missed some shots Wednesday vs. his old team, but he did grab 11 rebounds and through four games, is grabbing 9.3 boards per game and scoring at a 9.0 pace, all in 26 minutes.

Saunders doesn't think Garnett is done, thinks he could go another two years which would take him to age 40..

"KG will quit playing when he thinks he can’t be productive," Saunders said. "And I just knew how the year went last season, he was not going to be happy with how that year was, and KG’s big key is always preparation. I think this year he had time to prepare."