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What are your chances of getting a "NetroCard"?

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The Nets-themed MetroCard --we're calling it the NetroCard-- debuted Monday night at the Barclays Center station beneath the arena and will be available as the week goes on at a nine stations, including the one beneath the Garden, the odious Penn Station stop.  Here's the list...

· 34 St-Penn Station LIRR ACE

· 34 St-Penn Station LIRR 123

· 42 St-Times Square NQRS1237

· Wall St 45

· Wall St 23

· W4 St-Wash Sq ABCDEFM

· Court St-Borough Hall R2345

· Jamaica Center-Parsons/Archer EJZ

Nets officials say their agreement with the MTA calls for an initial run of 250,000 cards with front and back decorated with the team colors and pictures of the Core 4. The Nets are paying somewhere between 25 and 45 cents per card for the privilege. But you won't be able to order them at the kiosks around the city.  It's more of a game of chance. The MTA produces 4 million to 5 million MetroCards every month. So you might have to feed the kiosk like it was Vegas slot machine until you win!

Still, you can lucky as a couple of customers did Monday night in front of a WPIX camera. In fact, for at least one New Yorker they're a collectors item.