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Jason Kidd responds to Mikhail Prokhorov

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Seen in happier times
Seen in happier times
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

You knew this was coming.

At Bucks practice Tuesday, Jason Kidd was asked about Mikhail Prokhorov's comments before Monday's game, the one where he cited "a nice proverb in English; don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you" to express his feelings about Kidd's departure for Milwaukee.

Charles F. Gardner, the only Milwaukee beat writer Kidd has to deal with (or not deal with) tweeted it out... noting first that Kidd claimed he had not heard about Prokhorov's "crude" comment until Gardner asked him.

Then, he got into it...

Kidd of course DID talk about the Nets on at least two occasions since his departure, suggesting among other things that Paul Pierce was probably right about the Nets losing their championship aspirations and also claiming that the Nets' willingness to let him go suggested that rumors they wanted to fire him last December --which Prokhorov denied at the time-- were true.

And, by the way, the game is not the 18th but the 19th. It is in Barclays Center. That's for sure.