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NetsDaily Video: Brooklyn rolls over the Thunder as Brook Lopez returns to the basketball court

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It was the home opener on Monday night at the Barclays Center and while everyone was excited about the return of Brook Lopez to the basketball court, others, like myself, were excited about the return of the Post-game Report, by Dexter Henry and, well, me.

Sure, Lopez deserves a tip of the cap for playing 24 minutes and scoring 18 points with six rebounds and two blocks in a blowout win, but Dexter and I haven't been on the basketball court since this past April either. Sure, we were rusty, but as you can see, aside from my personal issues with stamina and, as many of you will note, a seemingly strange obsession with plaid shirts, we were back at it and it felt really, really good as the Nets were able to blow out the Thunder, 116-85, in front of a pretty lively and happy crowd.

Video by Dexter Henry.