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Matt Moore: Did Nets make the wrong choice last summer?

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Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Moore of CBS Sports and Hardwork Paroxysm asks the question you knew was coming: Did the Nets make the wrong choice last summer when Jason Kidd demanded control of basketball operations?  His Bucks, with their admittedly soft schedule, have been the big surprise in the NBA this season, the Nets one of bigger disappointments.

Saying, "Kidd was probably right," Moore notes that "the Nets are a mess, again, and the turnaround doesn't seem likely," he goes on to praise Kidd's job with the Bucks.

Kidd has steered a team of cast-offs and young pups to a 10-7 mark, good for fourth in the Eastern Conference. Their schedule has been yogurt soft, but that's in part attributable to their shellacking of Kidd's old team two weeks ago. They are young, eager, defend well, play with energy, and are exciting, more exciting than the Nets have been in any season in Brooklyn.

Moore does not directly lay blame on anyone in the Nets front office for Brooklyn's thus far disappointing season (and laughably suggests that Kidd had to "scramble" for a job after his power play failed).  His bottom line is that no matter what happened in Brooklyn, Kidd -- and the Bucks -- are in much better shape than the team he left behind.

You don't have to like what Kidd pulled this summer. But maybe the original source of discord in Brooklyn that sowed the seeds for all the palace intrigue was rooted in some truth. And however he managed to land there, Kidd may have found himself in a better situation than he was in last season.