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Mikhail Prokhorov on Jason Kidd, selling the Nets and championship expectations

Mikhail Prokhorov on Jason Kidd's departure: "Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you."

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to Monday night's season home opener between the Brooklyn Nets and Oklahoma City Thunder, Mikhail Prokhorov met with the media to talk about the key topics, such as Jason Kidd's departure, the rumor that he is considering selling the team and the expectations for this team going forward.

Prokhorov believes that this Nets team is capable of winning a tile this year, saying "If the stars align, we can do this," "Last year we had a couple of really bad injuries, we were not very lucky, but I think we were not the only team that suffered from injuries."

"Just between you and me, I haven't searched for a new wife," he joked. "And by the way, we have lost George Clooney, I think that's enough for this year."

Here are some of the highlights from his meeting with the Nets media:

On Lionel Hollins: "He is a meat and potatoes coach with a great reputation, and what I like is that all the players really respect him," Prokhorov said." Hollins told the media that he has yet to meet face to face with Prokhorov, but Prokhorov did say that he "looks forward to meet him" during his current stay in Brooklyn."

On selling the team: "My position is that I will not give up control of the team. But, you know I'm quite happy when somebody sends me a nice offer without taking my control. For the time being nothing is imminent, but still I think it's not bad not to listen."

"I will not give up control of the team."

"From what we feel now, we have a lot of proposals to buy the minority of the team....and we're willing to listen."

On his investment in the Nets: "It's five times, six times more that what we spent, and that's why it's a very good business."

On losing $114 million in basketball operations last season: "It's not a big deal because I personally compensate this money from my pocket."

On whether he would buy Bruce Ratner's 20% share: "We have a great partnership with Bruce (Ratner). I will not speak for him."

On Jason Kidd: "You know, I think there is a nice proverb in English; don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you...I like what we have now. We have a really strong coach and a really strong GM in Billy King."

"You know, I think we shouldn't get mad, we should get even."

How often will he be in Brooklyn this year: "Twenty-five percent of the home games."

On not signing Paul Pierce: "I think that Paul Pierce is a great man, but we need to have some really experienced players and we need to have space for the youngsters."

On whether or not he has passion in owning the franchise: "It's a combination; it's passion, it's professionalism, and of course sometimes you need money."

As Rodger Sherman of SB Nation writes, "NEVER CHANGE, MIKHAIL. NEVER CHANGE."