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The fan behind the neon glasses

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You know him if you've ever been to a Nets home game. He's the guy dancing on the sidelines, a Nets jersey covering his neon shirt, often matched with neon glass frames.  He's as close to a team mascot the Nets have, now that BrooklyKnight has been "retired."

But did you know that Jeffrey Gamblero isn't his real name?  Or that he's amputee and that he does all that dancing on a prosthetic leg, or that he's highly successful poker player, capable of winning hundreds of thousands of dollars, or that he spent time at Rikers for writing graffiti on New York City subway stations as the notorious "Korn" back in the 1990s?

Andrew Keh profiles Jeffrey Vanchiro (his real name), writing about how he made his way from one role to another before settling on supporting the Nets, who it should be noted have embraced him.

"I think he’s a great representation of what Brooklyn means to us and the fandom we’re looking for from all Brooklynites," said Brett Yormark. "I’m hoping we can find more Jeffreys."