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Woj: Andrei Kirilenko's value is high, but family issue intervenes

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

In an article Saturday, Adrian Wojnarowski reports that while interest in Andrei Kirilenko is high, nothing may happen soon because of what Woj describes as "a family matter in New York."  Woj, in fact, thinks that the Nets may have to hang on to AK-47 until the trade deadline in mid-February.

Nets insiders have called his recent leave of absence "legitimate."  At the same time, Kirilenko told Russian media that Lionel Hollins has told him that he is not in the coach's plans. As a result, the Nets front office has entertained offers for the 6'9" forward.

Woj reports...

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Clippers are two contenders with needs at small forward who’ll wait to see if Kirilenko, 33, becomes available closer to the NBA’s trade deadline in February, or after a contract buyout later in the season, league sources said.

Woj also suggests that if the Nets want to dump his salary on a team "with salary cap space and rebuilding mantras," it would require Brooklyn to include future second round picks, something the Nets are not much interested in.  Woj noted that the 76ers discussions are dead and that Sergey Karasev was not part of any serious deal.

"Andrei has all the power now," one rival executive told Yahoo Sports. "He can say he likes the situation enough to play or not to play."