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Shooting slump hurting Bojan Bogdanovic in rookie rankings

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Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

After a terrific performance (19 points, seven rebounds, four threes) in the Nets triple overtime loss to the Bucks, Bojan Bogdanovic went into a super slump, failing to hit a field goal for 10 straight quarters, until the third period in the Nets win over the Sixers.  In the three games on the road, Bogie was 2-of-17, including 1-of-9 from deep.

Was it the road, where Bogdanovic's production has been dreadful, compared to what he has done in Brooklyn? Was it a Bogdanovic dry spell, which would happen in Europe?  Whatever the reason, the dropoff has hurt his rookie rankings.

While's Scott Howard-Cooper still has him at No. 3, both David Thorpe (No. 11) and Chris Bernucca (No. 7) have dropped him like the power rankers have dropped the Nets.

The difference between home and away is staggering. In his six games at Barclays Center, he's averaging 15.3 points a game, shooting 54.7 percent overall and 44.1 percent from deep. He's also grabbing four rebounds. But on the road? The numbers are 5.4, 26.4 percent and 19.2 percent, with only 1.5 rebounds. A 10-point difference between home and ways games? It's unheard of.

That's a better alternative than his Euro slumps where he would lose his touch completely, as we noted last week.

Still no one thinks, he's hit the rookie wall yet.  Howard-Cooper thinks a slump is a slump and players break out of them.

He doesn't have to go outside to feel the Arctic blast of winter. Bogdanovic just went two games and 48 minutes without a field goal, managing only three free throws at OKC and two at San Antonio on consecutive nights. Even with the recent big night of making 8-of-11 attempts against Miami, Bogdanovic is still 15 of 44 (34.1 percent) the last five games. That makes him vulnerable if someone from outside the top three makes a run.

The Nets play at home vs. the Bulls on Sunday.  It could be a test.  He could be facing Jimmy Butler.