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In "Dream Sequence" videos, Brooklyn Nets tell YES Network who's their dream one-on-one matchup

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Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

At the beginning of the season, YES Network asked a number of the Nets players who's their dream match-up, who they'd like to go up against.  There were no ground rules and the results prove that.

Some were kind of predictable. Mirza Teletovic and Bojan Bogdanovic wanted to play against Drazen Petrovic, with both noting how much of an inspiration it was when they first saw his jersey hung in the rafters.  The younger players picked Michael Jordan in his prime. Andrei Kirilenko noted he played against MJ so he chose Sergei Belov, the legendary Soviet player. Kevin Garnett chose Bill Russell who befriended him in Boston.  Joe Johnson?  "Mugsy Bogues. I just want to see how really short he was."

The two best may be Jarrett Jack, who chose his 105-year-old great grandfather, and of course Brook Lopez.  Here it is, your Brook moment of the day....

"Kelsey Grammer, Walt Disney, uh, Katherine Hepburn or Audrey Hepburn, really. Probably Cesar Chavez, and Orville Wright ... but not Wilbur."

Like we said, no ground rules.