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Can the Brooklyn Nets avoid history in Philadelphia Wednesday night?

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Eagle best describes the result of a Nets loss to the 76ers Wednesday night in Philly.

"Infamy," or as it's best defined, "the state of being well known for some bad quality or deed." Yeah, that sounds about right.

A Nets loss to the Sixers would end the Philly losing streak at 14. Not only would be an embarrassment, an infamy, it would also leave intact the most ignominious record in franchise history (and that's saying something), the 0-18 start to the 2009-10 season, when the Nets were still playing at IZOD Center.  Only Brook Lopez remains on the roster from that team, although a number of front office executives, like Bobby Marks and Gary Sussman, plus trainer Tim Walsh must still have nightmares.

No one is dissing the 76ers, whose fans have taken to a new Twitter hashtag, #TogetherWeTank, a takeoff on the team's marketing slogan, "Together we build."

Lopez wasn't talking Tuesday, but both Deron Williams and Joe Johnson noted these are NBA players in Philly.

"Yeah, anytime you play a team that's on a losing streak, searching for a win, those are desperate teams," Deron Williams said. "They really have nothing to lose, so they're a dangerous team. Any team in the NBA dangerous when they get hot. So we have to impose our will early.

"0-14 at this point?" Joe Johnson said. "If they come out and lose (Wednesday), it is nothing to them. They are going to play hard, we get that. And we understand that because those guys are playing for something. It might not be a playoff spot or trying to contend but those guys I am sure may be playing for contracts or want to come back or what have you."

Or as Lionel Hollins said after the Nets loss to the Spurs, "We’re not the defending champions. We can’t take anybody lightly."

The Nets also appear to have their second injury of the season. Markel Brown, whose rookie season has been delayed first by a broken hand, then by a Chinese stomach virus, isn't traveling to Philadelphia due to a hip pointer. Andrei Kirilenko remains on a personal leave, staying at home with his bed-ridden, pregnant wife while the Nets try to work a trade for him.

Later Tuesday, the team attended a preview of "Top Five", the new Chris Rock movie in Philadelphia. The move's plot is centered around a comedian who's getting ready to marry a reality TV star, only to realize... Well, you know THAT story.