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Power rankings keep dropping as Brooklyn Nets keep losing

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How bad are things right now? If the playoffs began today (they don't), the Nets would wind up in the lottery and their lottery pick would have to be swapped with the Hawks.

It's reflected in the power rankings.  All but one of the major power rankers dropped the Nets a minimum of two spots with one exception: Mark Stein, who already had them at No. 21 last week.

Moreover, there's concern about the Nets going into Philadelphia to face the 0-15 76ers ... and bewilderment about what happened to Andrei Kirilenko. Oh, one other thing: they haven't beat a team with a winning record.

Here's the list, a bit abbreviated. It seems a few of the rankers got out of town early for the holidays. Probably for the best.

John Schuhmann,, 23 (-5)
Fourteen months after they signed him to a contract that people thought was sketchy, the Nets seem to be done with Andrei Kirilenko. And two months after he won gold with the U.S. National Team, Mason Plumlee is behind Jerome Jordan and Cory Jefferson in Lionel Hollins' rotation. The Nets are still searching for a good win or something that works.

Marc Stein, ESPN, 21 (-)
The Nets are 0-6 against .500-or-better teams. Mason Plumlee has joined Brook Lopez on the list of high-profile bigs struggling to win over new coach Lionel Hollins. And the worst start in NBA history -- 0-18 in 2009-10 -- will still be theirs if Philly somehow finds a way to win one of its next six games.

Marc J. Spears, Yahoo! Sports, 20 (-3)
Keep an eye on veteran forward Andrei Kirilenko, who revealed that he was told by coach Lionel Hollins that there was no role for him.

Drew Garrison, SB Nation, 22 (-5)
The most exciting thing that happened to Brooklyn last week? Jason Kidd returned, was booed by fans and even was heckled in the middle of the national anthem. Brooklyn went on to lose to Milwaukee in triple overtime.

Kurt Helin, NBC Sports, 23 (-5)
They have lost six of seven and the interesting news around this team is the shopping of Andrei Kirilenko in the trade market. They can dump him to the Sixers at any point but expect them to wait until Dec. 15, when players signed this summer can be traded, to see if there is a better offer out there that could roll in.

Matt Dollinger, Sports Illustrated, 21 (-2)
Where's Brooklyn at? Like, literally. Where are the actual Nets? Lionel Hollins' bunch has lost six of seven and looks aimlessly adrift. Worst of all? Philly has no excuses -- no injuries, no new stars, no scheduling nightmares -- nothing.

Michael C. Lee, Washington Post, 20 (-4)
Maybe the Nets should start playing selfishly again. Brooklyn has lost five straight ever since Joe Johnson called out the team, including a triple overtime loss to Milwaukee and former coach Jason Kidd.

Sam Amick, etc., USA Today, 19 (-2)
Lionel Hollins knows how to coach defense, but most of his roster doesn't know how to play it.