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Nets Practice Report: On Garnett's trash talking, Odell Beckham's catch, Lionel Hollins' twitter account and more

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Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Monday morning was a particularly interesting practice for the Brooklyn Nets. First, the more serious news, in that Andrei Kirilenko did not practice due to personal reasons. It remains that he's likely to be traded by the team at some point in the near future.

Secondly, coach Lionel Hollins criticized Brook Lopez a bit, saying that he needs to work on his defense, his rebounding and his passing.

This may seem like a harsh criticism, but it's fairly typical of how Lionel Hollins conducts business, and it's not as if we didn't know that coming into the season. Hollins was pretty harsh on Marc Gasol early on in his tenure with the Grizzlies -- among other players; he did bench Mike Conley and it seemed at one point Conley didn't have much of a future with the team, and, well, we know how that's turned out. Again, this isn't atypical, it's more how Hollins expects players to respond. No one ever said he was going to baby the players, whether you agree with that tactic or not.

I'm not sure we should make too much of these comments, more we should see how Lopez responds and if he does start to progress in any or all of those three areas -- areas, mind you, that many believe he needs to improve in.

Now, on to that "wait, what?" portion of the practice.

Who is the best trash talker in the NBA, if not Kevin Garnett, according to Kevin Garnett?

Does Lionel Hollins have Twitter?

What about that Odell Beckham, Jr., catch against the Cowboys?

There was a lot going on at Nets practice today, that's for sure, but it's good to see that spirits still seem to remain positive. I mean, it's not like they went Marshawn Lynch on the media.