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Bojan Bogdanovic, in a slump, needs to vary his offense, says Lionel Hollins

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Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

if you followed Bojan Bogdanovic, as we did for three long years, you would know the 6'8" Croatian shooting guard is subject to slumps like the one he's going through now, missing 11 shots without a make in the Nets last two games. It happened in Europe last season too.

Here's what we wrote last March 7...

After leading the Euroleague in scoring in the regular season, averaging 18.1 points per game on 55.4 percent shooting from two-point range and 40.9 percent shooting from deep, Bogdanovic is at 12.4 ppg in the Round of 16. After hitting the 20 point mark six times in the 10-game regular season, he hasn't hit it once in the nine games of the Round of 16.

While he's hitting nearly 60 percent from two-point range, he's only shooting 13.3 percent from deep ... and that's up from 5.3 percent three games back.  It's not just a shooting slump either. His player efficiency is half what it was and his turnover rate is twice as high in the Round of 16 as it was in the regular season.  His dropoff in the Turkish league is similar.

Yikes! Bogie broke out of his slump a few games later, but no one on the Nets wants to see him go that long in the NBA, not as a rookie.  So Lionel Hollins has a prescription.  Here's what he said Saturday night... as reported by Mike Mazzeo.

"He’s in a slump," Hollins told reporters. "He isn’t making shots, and he doesn’t get to the free throw line, he doesn’t get to the basket, so he’s counting on long shots. And when you miss them, you go 0-fer."

Bogdanovic, who regularly got to the line in Europe, realizes he needs to do the same in the NBA. So does his coach.

"All I know is you gotta get to the free throw line, you gotta be tougher and you can’t just stand out there and count on making shots all the time," Hollins said. "Because sometimes you do, and sometimes you don’t. The guys who still score are the ones that drive and attack the basket and get to the free throw line."

Bogdanovic fell below the 10 point scoring level after the two games this week. He's averaging 9.9 points, now third behind Andrew Wiggins, who put up 29 points Saturday, and Jabari Parker.