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Law suit charges Nets reneged on sponsorship deal

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

A Brooklyn physical therapy practice is suing the Nets claiming that the team took its money but never provided promised perks, including player appearances, reports the Post.  However, the Nets claim that the practice, Boro Park Physical Therapy, didn't pay its bills.

"Borough Park Physical Therapy signed an agreement with the Nets to be one of their sponsors and the Nets strung them along, got about $250,000 from them, and then once they had the money they failed to provide the print advertising and player appearances," said plaintiff’s attorney Asher Gulko.

Here's the Nets statement, issued Saturday...

While we have not been served with a Complaint, we greatly value our corporate partners.  However, in instances where a partner fails to live up to its contractual obligations, which is unfortunately the case here with respect to both a sponsorship agreement and a ticketing agreement, we have an obligation to our owners and investors to enforce all of our contractual rights, which we fully intend to do in this matter.

Here, the Brooklyn Nets fully complied with all of its obligations under both the now-expired Boro Park Physical Therapy sponsorship agreement and the now-terminated Boro Park Physical Therapy ticketing agreement.

Each of these agreements were materially breached by Boro Park Physical Therapy, which failed to make substantial payments owed to the Brooklyn Nets under these agreements.

The suit also claims the practice is not alone, that the Nets did the same thing to other sponsors.  The Nets and Barclays Center have had dozens and dozens of sponsors over the years.  A Nets spokesman said the team is reviewing the lawsuit, the Post reports.