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From Brooklyn to Beijing, where Stephon Marbury is God

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I'm not quite sure where to file this one, but we can go ahead and place it under "strange things that are happening to strange former Nets players."

Stephon Marbury, who was born and raised in Brooklyn and who spent two-plus seasons with the New Jersey Nets -- and who was the piece that brought Jason Kidd to New Jersey; talk about being significant to the franchise -- is now playing basketball in Beijing, China, and is the subject of an amazing stage musical called "I Am Marbury."

VICE Sports was in Beijing to take on the musical and also sit down with Marbury, who is looked at as a "God" in Beijing, and who is content with spending the rest of his life there.

This is strange, it's beautiful and it's about one of the most talented players to ever suit up for the Nets. So, enjoy.