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Watch: Jason Collins announced his retirement on the night Jason Kidd returned to Brooklyn

Former Brooklyn Nets big man Jason Collins announced his retirement on Wednesday night, before the Brooklyn Nets suited up to play Jason Kidd and the Milwaukee Bucks at the Barclays Center. Collins, who spent six full seasons and part of two seasons, including last year, with the Brooklyn Nets, decided this summer that he was going to move on from life in the NBA and to focus on a life after basketball.

Collins made his official announcement on Wednesday morning by posting a story on Derek Jeter's website The Players' Tribune.

"Twin," as he is known -- his twin brother Jarron Collins, who also played in the league, is now an assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors -- spoke about the future, his relationship with Jason Kidd and his decision to return, followed by his decision to walk away from the game.

Editorial note: The media room was packed, I shot the video on my iPhone, and there were about six million -- give or take 5,999,985 -- photographers in the room with loud cameras and a taste for blood (they do not mind getting in the way of you doing your job, as long as you don't get in the way of them doing theirs). So, I apologize for the quality.