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Lionel Hollins to Bojan Bogdanovic: Be aggressive

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Mike Lawrie

Bojan Bogdanovic has started all but one of the Nets eight preseason and regular season games, playing at least 25 minutes in each --and there's no indication his coach is going to replace him in the starting lineup.  But he's had a tough transition from Euroleague superstar to NBA player.

"He helps me a lot, especially in the practice, [telling] me to be more aggressive," Bogdanovic said of Hollins. "When he took me out, he told me I have to be much more aggressive. That's the reason why he took me out, so the second half I was trying to be more aggressive, but I didn't score on those shots that I had."

After shooting 3-of-6, 1-of-2 from deep against the Celtics, Bogdanovic was only 1-of-7 vs. Detroit, one of the few less-than-bright spots in the big win. A bigger problem has been his defense. The 25-year-old rookie admits he had hoped things would go better, that his transition was tougher than he hoped, as Mike Mazzeo writes.

"I thought my adjustment [was] gonna be easy, but it's not as easy as I [expected]," Bogdanovic said after Sunday's practice.