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Brook Lopez will play for first time since December 20

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Brook Lopez expects to play --and presumably start-- for the Nets Monday vs. the Oklahoma City Thunder, his first meaningful game since last December 20 when he broke his right foot. The latest break required a complete reconstruction of his foot on January 4, then a second operation on March 3 to repair ligament and tendon damage in his left ankle.

Lopez went through a full contact practice Sunday and spoke to reporters afterward.  Lopez sprained his right foot in an exhibition game vs the Kings in Beijing a little more that two weeks ago. At that point, the Nets believed he needed 10 to 14 days of rest.  Monday will be the 17th day since the announcement. As recently as Friday, he didn't practice. He missed three preseason games and the first two regular season games with the sprain.  Here's the beat writers with the news, as tweeted

"Once he gets his sea legs he’ll be fine," Lionel Hollins said. "The big key for me is what he’s going to do defensively. Is he going to be able to give us good shows [in pick-and-roll coverages] like we’ve been getting?

"In the last game, our pick-and-roll defense was really good. In the first game [at Boston on Wednesday], it was bad. So it’s encouraging to see us grasp it, and he needs to come in and give us that same kind of effort."

Monday's Opening Night at Barclays Center will also mark the first time all 15 Nets players have been healthy ... and the first time many of them --including Hollins-- have met Mikhail Prokhorov, who will be onhand for his first game since the playoffs last season.

It's uncertain he will speak with the media.  Prokhorov hasn't spoken with the beat writers since last season, meaning he's yet to answer questions about the purported Jason Kidd power play, the hiring of Hollins or the departure of Paul Pierce, not to mention his plans for the team's future.