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How cool is this? Brooklyn Nets MetroCards!


Get onboard!

The Nets, specifically the Core 4, will be the first New York pro team to be featured on MetroCards, the New York mass transit passes.  Versions of the card for the city's subway and the Long Island Railroad will be available Monday at the Atlantic Av-Barclays Center station, coinciding with the Nets’ home opener against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

They’ll go on sale later in the week at eight other stops, including Penn Station, below Madison Square Garden, and Times Square, according to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

The Core 4 --Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez and Kevin Garnett-- will be on the front of the MetroCard and the team's "We are Brooklyn" marketing slogan will be on the reverse.

"We believe that connecting our brand with the MTA through MetroCards was a perfect way to reinforce our message of the convenience of getting to Barclays Center by mass transit,"  Brett Yormark said in a statement.

The Nets have long pushed the idea of using mass transit to get to the games and in June 2009, the MTA sold the naming rights of the Atlantic Avenue-Pacific Street subway station complex to Forest City Ratner for 20 years at $200,000 per year. Forest City renamed the station, the busiest in Brooklyn for Barclays Center.