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Video: Nets fans 'boo' Jason Kidd during player introductions

On Wednesday night, former Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd returned to the Barclays Center as the newest head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. And, seeing as how he left this summer, Nets fans weren't too happy to see him.

As David Diamante, the voice of the Brooklyn Nets, introduced the Milwaukee Bucks, when it was time for him to call Jason Kidd's name, Nets fans didn't quite give him a warm reception.

Kidd, after the game, wasn't as relieved that the game was over as he was relieved that he didn't have to deal with the New York media any longer this season -- except, well, he will have to deal with them.

Milwaukee won, in triple overtime, 122-118. The Nets head to Milwaukee on February 9th, while the Bucks will return to Barclays Center on March 20th.