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Jason Kidd vs. Mikhail Prokhorov in the greatest Rocky-themed hype video ever

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Jason Kidd returns to the Barclays Center on Wednesday, November 19th, for what is sure to be the biggest Bucks-Nets matchup in, say, NBA history?

Kidd, of course, left the Nets this summer to pursue a dream of being everything to no one, when he took the job as the Bucks head coach while also angling to be the President of Basketball Operations, a job he tried to work out with the Nets.

Now, famously, Mikhail Prokhorov has dropped an English proverb on him -- "Don't let the good door hit you where the good Lord split you" -- and, with that, we've got an amazing hype video to get us ready for Wednesday's matchup.

The video itself isn't a Nets-Bucks "only" hype video, but more of a "here's a bunch of weird things that have happened to the Milwaukee Bucks" over the years, set to Robert Tepper's "No Easy Way Out," which was made famous in the movie Rocky IV.

If you weren't psyched for Wednesday's game, well, this should do it.

(h/t Dan Devine)