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Andrei Kirilenko is finally healthy, he's just not playing

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Last season the story for Andrei Kirilenko was "when will he be healthy enough to play" for the Brooklyn Nets. This season, Kirilenko claims that he's healthy, however, he hasn't been able to find much playing time under coach Lionel Hollins.

Kirilenko is averaging a career-low 5.1 minutes per game and, on Monday night, was inactive and picked up a healthy DNP-CD (Did Not Play- Coach's Decision) against the Miami Heat. Yes, he's healthy, and no he's not playing. How about that for a change of tune?

After re-signing with the Nets this summer for one year at over $3.3 million, it was expected that Kirilenko would play a larger role in a Hollins system that oftentimes rewards defensive effort and allows for a cheat defender to rome on the defensive side of the ball, similar to what Tony Allen did and does in Memphis. However, Kirilenko can't crack Hollins' rotation.

From Tim Bontemps, Kirilenko isn't quite sure how to get back into his coach's rotation. "It’s tough, but there’s nothing I can do," Kirilenko said. "I’m not the one making decisions, and it is what it is."

His confidence isn't all that high right now, as he reiterated that he "feels fine," which again is typically the biggest hurdle he faces; his health.

It doesn't seem as if there's much daylight for Kirilenko going forward, as Hollins seems resigned to keeping him out of the rotation, though if the Nets continue to struggle to find ways to win basketball games that could change rather quickly.