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Power rankers see Brooklyn Nets' West Coast trip as big negative

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Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

After looking reasonably good in their first six games, several of the power ranking pundits pushed the Nets to within a place or two of the NBA's top 10 teams. But a three-game losing streak in their first test against tough teams made the pundits reconsider.  They rightfully cite the Nets lack of consistency, horrid defense and complacency.

So now, all of them have the Nets below No. 16, meaning out of the playoffs.  Not surprising, but not good

John Schuhmann, 18 (-3)
Joe Johnson thought the Nets had issues at 4-2. His team proved him right, going 0-3 out West, shooting 4-for-35
from 3-point range at Golden State and Portland. But Johnson was a part of the problem, isolating far too much down the stretch in Phoenix. He dribbled at least twice before each of his last nine shots in that game.

Marc Stein, ESPN, 21 (-5)

Couldn't have the Nets higher than No. 16 last week because the combined record of their first six foes is a mere
18-39. Things inevitably got harder on a three-game swing out West. Especially after Joe Johnson branded the team "selfish" and with Brook Lopez struggling to earn fourth-quarter run.

Marc J. Spears, Yahoo! Sports, 17 (-6)

New coach Lionel Hollins is preaching to his players that the key to winning is team play and not worrying about
personal statistics.

Drew Garrison, SB Nation, 17 (-3)
Brooklyn coughed up a hair ball during their three-game road trip, losing to the Warriors, Trail Blazers and Suns.
Brook Lopez is back and is as productive as ever, but the Nets are just a middling Eastern Conference team for the
time being.

Matt Moore, CBS Sports, 20 (-7)
I realized when doing these rankings that Brooklyn is the last "good" team. They're definitely not bad. But instead of the road trip being a chance to show they're better than they've shown, they went oh-fer. Brooklyn is the definition of "unimpressive."

Kurt Helin, NBC Sports, 18 (-7)
A tough West Coach road swing exposed some issues for the Nets. Now Joe Johnson is calling the team "selfish" and Brook Lopez isn’t his old self late in games, all of which means the struggles from the West could well follow
Brooklyn home.

Matt Dollinger, Sports Illustrated, 19 (-3)
After going 0-3 on a West Coast road swing, Lionel Hollins was quoted as saying, "Why shouldn't we be positive?
That's the question I would ask you." Well, you shot 1-of-19 from deep against Portland, allowed 66 first-half points to Golden State, blew a 19-point lead against Phoenix and ... oh, should I stop there? That's probably

Sam Amick, USA Today, 17 (-3)
Joe Johnson is well on his way to an eighth All-Star selection. And just as sneakily, he might land in Hall of Fame

Fred Kerber, New York Post, 20 (-5)
Drop five slots after dropping four straight games. Team drops to knees, prays, “Thank heavens for the East, thank heavens for the East…”

*Jimmy Spencer, FOX Sports, 15 (-2)
The Nets have yet to play a team with a winning record. Don’t blame them though; they play in the East. This
stretch in the next week — Suns, Warriors Trail Blazers and Heat — will be a true test of where Lionel Hollins’ team stands.

*posted Thursday

team stands.

*posted Thursday